Smith Rock Spring Thing

The Smith Rock Spring Thing Volunteer Day is the annual fundraiser and project maintenance day for Smith Rock State Park. The park has over 1500 established climbing routes, and boasts a proud 651 acres. There is an educational Welcome Center open a few days a week, and a great staff of rangers and volunteers that keep an eye on the park year round. This year at the Spring Thing there were almost 200 volunteers! Cyber high fives everyone!  Dozens of projects were tackled throughout the park in just a day! Including: rebuilding rock walls, replacing steps, widening trails, building trails and putting in stair risers, just to name a few. 

The event has been going on for over two decades, and this year I had the pleasure of participating and presenting my new project. 

I sweat and played in the dirt building stairs and moving rock with my Voyage of the Cow Dog crew and met some fantastic energetic people who all care about making a difference and giving back to the park. After-which, we all enjoyed some tasty beverages, food, more good company and sunshine. 

Communities like this are what recharge my batteries and give me hope for the world. I have traveled in and out of the Smith Rock community for almost ten years. It was the first place I roped up outside, it has been the birth place of some lifelong friendships, it has fostered growth, helped me heal, made me laugh, curse, cry and scream with joy. Smith Rock is a special place, and it's people are just as special. 

photo credit Ian Caldwell

I cannot wait to spend the rest of the year putting as much intention and energy as I can possibly muster back into this place, and this community that has given me so much. 

With leagues of gratitude,