I am a world traveler, trained graphic designer, painter, rock climber, and passionate community-oriented person. The goal of my work is to magically combine all of those things. I also want to thank those communities and people who make my life so full and diverse by giving back to them. Those who breathe love, support, and the pay-it-forward mentality are the backbone of my purpose.

Artist Statement 

Although Lincoln’s famous “For the people, by the people” statement wasn’t about art, the truth of his words resonates through my work. I want to inspire and impact communities large and small through collaborative, mixed-media art projects. Using social media as a platform, I invite others to do something positive with their snapshots by sharing them as part of these projects. Once finished, the pieces or percentage of the proceeds are given back to the communities that have co-created them.

As the artist and facilitator of these conservation and awareness projects, my job is twofold: First I have to listen, watch, and adjust as the projects take on a life of their own. Some may morph into something vastly different than I originally intended. Second, I must compile hundreds of submissions to ensure the community gets represented in the best way. The multidimensional quality of my work is one of its most visually interesting traits, but it’s the intimate connection and impact the final project can have on each person in the community that makes me smile most.

In my wedding series and commissioned work, the communities are often smaller, but the goal is still to inspire and impact through collaboration and co-creation. I work closely with family members, friends, and the couple to learn about their relationship so I can symbolize it in a multidimensional painting. The first dimension is built from hundreds of personal photos. The second and sometimes third dimensions are sculpted and painted on top of the first, always with the goal to accurately represent the couple’s relationship.

I have been supported by countless incredible people and communities throughout my life. I can’t imagine a better way to show my thankfulness than to create art by them and for them.